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Press Release for "Ash"

Darkly psychedelic and inspired by a plethora of cultural pieces, 'Ash' is the latest track from Savonarola. "Watch and bare, the night’s despair, Faint of hope, come up for air, Treasons light, is my delight, The span of time, DON’T SHED NO LIGHT." These are the words that hang on to us as we delve into this track, touching on the dark thoughts inspired by insomnia, pain and redemption. The simple chord progression is lit up by a complex bass line that reminds us of classics from Nirvana or The Stooges. The title refers to a chapter in Robert Bly's novel 'Iron John' called 'Road to Ashes Decent and Grief'. Savonarola wanted to homage to his philosophy that you must examine your own wounds to discover your gifts. It's a sentiment that is brought to life by the track and produced/ engineered by Felix Fung at Little Red Sound Studios. 'Ash' is also accompanied by a hazy, chaotic, and impactful video shot by Chris Catalano in Pandora's Box Studios. This video, packed with flashing lights, eccentric camera angles, and trippy editing, brings another dimension to the striking emotions in 'Ash'. The band once again reference another momentous piece of art with scenes of odd crowd behaviour; these people move in circles comparable to Gustave Doré's painting "Prisoners Round", later reinvented by Vincent Van Gogh. 'Ash’ brings a bold sound with a dark undertone that you cannot help but enjoy, be sure to catch it now.


Canadian band Savonarola have been effortlessly delivering their delicious blend of alternative rock and psychedelia since 2017. It seems their organic chemistry is unmatched, and not even a year after they had formed, they had compiled seven insane tracks. The method to their madness comes from their approach to each song "our mandate is to always write something that sounds familiar or is influenced by a particular songwriter or genre and then alter it in a unique way". This ethos has been applied to each of their songs to the critically acclaimed single 'Might Be Bad', to their 2020 EP 'Dishordant' and most recent track 'Byrds Gone Bad'. Since the arrival of their new drummer Brian Sharp, the band have continued to share their insane sound to audiences all over Vancouver, including the Railway Club, The Fox Cabaret, and The Roxy. Savonarola sure have something different to offer, and with tracks like 'Ash', the band are on their way to impressing rock fans everywhere. 

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